God’s Answer to Death: Jesus Says, “I am the Resurrection.”

November 8, 2020 Speaker: Mark Petersburg Series: Anchoring or Drifting?

Passage: John 11

Death is the big elephant in the room – physical death. But the message of resurrection is one of hope. In John 11, we see a foreshadowing of the Easter story set in the context of an incident in the ministry of Jesus towards the end of his life on this earth. In this event, the raising of Lazarus, we have a great declaration by Jesus that provides hope for all who believe in him.

Things to look for as you read John, chapter 12:

1) What are some of the events in the chapter that are part of the crescendo leading up to Jesus’ arrest and subsequent death? What impact do these events have on the crowd and on the religious leaders?

2) What does Jesus say about his relationship with the Father? What is the significance of that?

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