Nick at Nite

September 13, 2020 Speaker: Mark Petersburg Series: Anchoring or Drifting?

Passage: John 3

If anyone could claim to be acceptable to God because of one’s own righteousness, religious standing and practice, it would have been Nicodemus. Yet, Jesus told him he needed to be born again, born from above. Jesus pointed him to two symbols: water – a symbol of cleansing, and Spirit – a symbol of power. Today, the need is the same: “You must be born again.” And the same promise is ours today: that if we believe in Jesus, we would have eternal life. This is the message of the glorious gospel.

What to look for in reading chapter four of John’s Gospel:

  1. What do you see observe about the Samaritan woman’s journey to salvation? How about the other residents of Sychar? Can you relate from your own spiritual experience?
  2. What do you learn about evangelism (sharing the gospel) from this episode in Jesus’ ministry?

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