Simply Amazing, Miracles of Jesus - Power Over Death: The Story of Jairus

November 30, 2014 Speaker: Mark Petersburg Series: Simply Amazing - Miracles of Jesus

Topic: Simply Amazing - Miracles of Jesus

In this final message in the series Simply Amazing, we see the power of Jesus intersecting with the lives of two people - people at the opposite ends of Jewish society. The focus is upon Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue in Capernaum, who seeks Jesus’ help in healing his sick daughter. Jesus’ journey to Jairus’ home is interrupted by an encounter with a woman in desperate need. While Jesus stops to minister to her, word comes that the little girl has died. The Lord’s admonition to Jairus is to keep believing. Jesus challenges Jairus to believe him, now not for healing but for resurrection.

The point for us in this account is this: “Jesus is amazing; don’t stop believing.” Faith calls us to believe that God cares about us and is mindful of our struggles and difficulties. Even if we don’t see his immediate deliverance from our troubles, He asks us to not stop believing. Jesus in his resurrection has conquered the greatest enemy, the most formidable foe we could face – death. His victory over death is of great assurance as we face other circumstances beyond our capacity and ability to resolve.

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