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Summer Message Series

Critical Issues: Does It Matter What You Believe?

Is it reasonable for thinking 21st century people to hold to classical Christian beliefs? We are living in a time when foundational Christian truths are being questioned and even discarded. This summer at Knollwood we examine some of those that are essential. In this series we want to give you the confidence to rest your faith on what God has declared to be true.

 June 28........  "Is It Reasonable To Believe God Exists?"
 July 5..........  "Does Science Disprove Biblical Creation?"
 July 12........  "What Is God's Plan For Sexuality?"
 July 19........  "Is The Resurrection Just A Nice Easter Story?"
 August 2.....  "Does Evil Disprove A Good God?"
 August 9.....  "Is The Bible Worth Believing?"


In addition to the Sunday morning messages, each Wednesday night there is an opportunity to come and “chew” on these topics. Meeting from 7:00–8:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Center, this interactive time of teaching and discussion will go deeper into the examination of these critical issues. Childcare at the church will not be available. However, each week parents who come will receive $20 towards their in-home-provider expense.

The following are the dates of the Wednesday night sessions: July 1, 8, 15, 29, August 5 and 12. No need to register. Come when you can.