Jesus: The Journey Begins

  • Mark Petersburg
  • April 3, 2011
  • Jesus: The Journey Begins
  • Categories: The Gospels

In his Gospel account, Luke turns his attention to the beginnings of Jesus’ earthly life and ministry.  He relates three acts of obedience to the Old Testament Law on the part of Joseph and Mary: circumcision of Jesus, the redemption of the firstborn, and the purification after childbirth.  While they were fulfilling their parental responsibilities under the Mosaic Law, they encounter two people who have been patiently, expectantly, waiting for the consolation of Israel: Simeon and Anna.  There is nothing else in the biblical record about Jesus’ childhood after that until, at the age of twelve, his parents take him to Jerusalem for the celebration of the Passover.  In this incident, we see Jesus at an early age beginning to differentiate himself from his human family and identifying himself with his Heavenly Father.  All of this is setting the stage for his public ministry.