Sermons by Randy Newman

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Preaching The Gospel To Yourself - Zephaniah Style


Speaker: Randy Newman

Summary: Guest Speaker-Dr. Randy Newman: Preaching The Gospel To Yourself - Zephaniah Style

God Is On The Move


Speaker: Randy Newman

Summary: Dr. Randy Newman shares several characteristics of the kingdom from Mark’s Gospel, chapter four. He illustrates through real-life stories how God is at work; God is on the move. We have the amazing privilege of not only watching him work, but being a part of his kingdom activity.

The Gospel is Irrepresible!


Speaker: Randy Newman

Summary: The Gospel is irrepressible! This is the message of the book of Acts. Randy Newman shares an overview of this historical account of the spread of the Gospel and illustrates from interviews conducted with students in his doctrinal research. God is working even if we don’t see it. His Word always accomplishes the purpose for which it is sent out.

Sharing the Gospel


Speaker: Randy Newman

Series: The Gospel Changes Everything

Category: The Gospel (Salvation)

Summary: This final message in the series titled "The Gospel Changes Everything" is about sharing the Gospel. Author Randy Newman shares some motivating stories based upon interviews of college students who have become Christians within the last two years. It is the powerful message that while we are engaged in sharing the Gospel, God has already been working in people’s lives, preparing them to meet Christ.