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King Asa: Failing at the Finish Line


Speaker: Mark Petersburg

Summary: Asa began his reign in Judah with such great promise. “He did what was good and right in the eyes of the LORD his God.” Unfortunately and sadly, he didn’t finish the same way. His life is an example and a caution to us on finishing the race strong.

King Asa: Strong Out of the Starting Block


Speaker: Mark Petersburg

Summary: Asa followed his father as king over Judah, the two southern tribes of Israel. From his life and reign in these early years, we draw two important application principles: we need to diligently maintain a cutting edge in our faith lives, and God delights in manifesting his power through our weakness.

Stuck in the Middle: The Problem of Evil


Speaker: Mark Petersburg

Summary: One of the most challenging, confounding, perplexing realities in our world is the presence and effects of evil. How do we explain this? How do we account for evil in the world? This message explores the origin of evil and the end of evil, and then considers how we should view evil and suffering in the present time.

The Bible: "Fake News?"


Speaker: Mark Petersburg

Summary: Is he Bible just fake news? Are the biblical documents reliable? Can they be trusted or are they just stories that have been written down much later to support a religious tradition? You might be surprised with the degree of confidence you can have in the Bible.

Special Guest Speaker


Speaker: Dr. Chris Gnanakan

Summary: This week Dr. Chris Gnanakan from Liberty University discusses the uniqueness of Christ among world religions.

Is It Reasonable To Believe In God


Speaker: Mark Petersburg

Summary: Two questions to be addressed: Does God exist? and What is God like? For the Christian, there are good reasons to answer the first question in the affirmative. And because of God’s revelation, we can know what God is like. That is especially true because Jesus, the Eternal Son, has revealed to us what God is like.

Resurrection: April Fool's


Speaker: Mark Petersburg

Summary: Easter Sunday – a day when Christians all around the world celebrate the signature event of Christianity: the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But, what if it was just a great big April Fool’s joke?

Things We Know


Speaker: Mark Petersburg

Passage: 1 John 5:6–5:21

Summary: The culture and climate of our day seems to frown upon “certainty.” It’s viewed as arrogance or presumption. But as biblical people we should not be afraid to declare that there are some things we know, we really know. In the last chapter of the Apostle John’s first epistle in the New Testament, he shares four things we can and should know for certain: God has given us eternal life, God answers prayer, God protects his own, and Christian faith is true reality.

Another Look At Love


Speaker: Mark Petersburg

Passage: 1 John 4:7–4:21

Summary: In chapter four of his New Testament letter, the Apostle John drills down deep once more on the subject of love. We see why love is such an important part of a life that is real, genuine

The Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Error


Speaker: Mark Petersburg

Passage: 1 John 3:23–4:6

Summary: The Apostle John concerns himself in his New Testament letter with how to tell the counterfeit from the real. Though he might use different words if he was writing to 21st century readers, his message would be the same: Either Jesus was who he said he was (God in the flesh) or else he was an imposter, a counterfeit, a liar.