United States & International

Since 1985, endPoverty.org in Bethesda, MD has enabled more than a hundred thousand hard-working entrepreneurs in some 50 countries to free themselves and their families out of poverty through business training and small loans. Today, the work of Enterprise Development is changing lives on five continents, targeting those who otherwise have no access to conventional credit. Using one loan at a time, these impoverished, disadvantaged clients - the vast majority of whom are women - launch small, family businesses that provide for their families and create jobs in their neighborhoods. Enterprise Development International demonstrates God's love by enabling the poor to free themselves from poverty. The mission is to (a) offer business training to low-income persons who have the potential and the desire to become self-supporting, (b) provide small loans to poor entrepreneurs who have viable business ideas but need capital, and (c) mentor participants through ongoing personal and professional encouragement. Perhaps you would like to provide prayer and financial support, or travel to meet with one of those who have benefited from Enterprise. Contact 703-277-3360, or visit their website at www.endpoverty.org.


Sinaloa, Los Mochis, Mexico
Abner and Gloria Flores serve as missionaries in Los Mochis, Mexico. They have two children; Isaac and Melanie. Serving through their own church Beth El, they coordinate the activities of Century XXI, Missionary Center of Home. Through the establishment of Home Churches, Career Assistance Classes, Prison Ministry, Youth Ministries, Sports Ministries, and Medical Assistance, they provide God’s love not only in tangible ways to the people of Los Mochis, but Abner serves as a Pastor and preaches each week. Beth El has helped start several churches have over the past 10 years. Abner and Gloria coordinate with churches in the U.S. for support and host annual U.S. adult and youth mission trips to Los Mochis. 

Arab Vision
Knollwood supports a family that lives in Egypt. They serve with Arab Vision but the combination of their name with the work they do might put their lives at risk. Through media (TV) Arab Vision communicates the gospel in the Arab world. The shows are full of the Good News of Christ. For more information, contact the Knollwood Missions Ministry.