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Knollwood In Touch Ministry

The goal of Knollwood In Touch (KIT) is to stay in regular contact with the people of Knollwood to facilitate community and caring.  Periodically, one of our committed KIT Ministry volunteers will call or email you to see how you are doing, agree to pray for you if you have a request, and/or to share important church-related information.  You are also encouraged to call your assigned KIT contact with any questions or need you might have.  Your contact seeks to serve as a type of liaison to the larger Knollwood community - the contact may not always know the answer to your question or need, but is committed to helping you to determine who can. 

If a KIT Ministry captain has not already introduced him/herself to you, or you are new to Knollwood and would like to be included in this ministry, contact Glenda Letcher at (703) 753-5384 or letchergk7@aol.com.